No technical jargon, just packed full of useful tips to help you to shoot better. Exactly what many people need to genuinely help them progress as shooters.
— Phill Price, Air Gunner
Extremely informative. We’d recommend it.
— Tim Smith, Airgun Hobbyist (USA)

How To Shoot Spring Rifles is the ideal starting point from which to improve your marksmanship across all rifle shooting disciplines. In this guide, you'll find a jargon free, innovative system that'll help you to diagnose exactly why you're not as accurate as you might be.

A great little book that offers something for both the novice and seasoned professional alike. A must for every shooting man’s library.
— Liam Bell, Shooting Times
Many gems of shooting advice are contained within its covers.
— Stephen Archer, Hard Air Magazine

As diverse as it is unique, From Field to Fork is a readable, honest and instructive mixture of hunting stories, technical advice and detailed research that will further your knowledge of the countryside as well as improve your rifle shooting and fieldcraft.